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15 FIFA World Cup Stars to Follow on Instagram

Much like the Olympics, the rarity of FIFA World Cup events (every 4 years) makes these International happenings a great place for Instagram sharing.  At both of the last two Olympics in Sochi and London, we saw a wide range of amazing photos on Instagram from some of the best athletes from around the world.

I expect the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil to be the same kind of photo bonanza on Instagram. The World Cup is one of those rare times when the very best football players from around the world will be playing for their home country with other top players that they are usually playing against as rivals.

This article will highlight some of the best World Cup players to follow on Instagram.  I have highlighted 3 players from each of the Top 4 favorites; Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain.  Then I also provided a player from several other notable teams.  You can also follow the National Team for any of your favorite countries on Instagram.

Follow national team @cbf_futebol
Host Country (Odds to win it all 3:1)
As usual, the Brazilian team is stacked with talent.  Brazil is the winningest team in World Cup football with 5 Championships but they struggled in each of the last two World Cup's and did not finish in the top 4 spots either year.  They last won in 2002 and many feel a win at home in 2014 would be a fitting end to the event.

Thiago Silva, Defender, Captain
Silva is the glue for this talented team of football stars.  It will be critical for him to make sure that teamwork is the foremost thought on everyone's mind to create the poetry needed to win the World Cup.
700 photos  978,000 followers
Shirtless Brazilians from @neymarjr

Neymar, Forward
Probably the greatest overall talent on the Brazilian team, Neymar is looking to leave a big mark on the 2014 World Cup.  In past Championships, one player produced a spectacular offensive performance to catapult the Brazilians to the top (think Pele and Ronaldo).  This could be Neymar's year.  Neymar is a prolific IG user having shared over 2,100 photos so you definitely want to follow him.
2,100 photos  5.3 million followers

Oscar, Midfielder
Oscar is a talented midfielder who plays for Chelsea FC in the Barclay's Premier League.  Like Neymar, Oscar is one of the other young, 22, but highly talented players on this Brazilian team.
330 photos  800,000 followers 

Follow national team @teamoargentina
(Odds to win it all 4:1)
This other South American team is the runner-up in Odds to win the World Cup.  Argentina has the best player in the World in Lionel (Leo) Messi and a host of other very talented players that round out the team.  Any team with Messi, has to be considered a serious contender to win the Cup, but couple that with the games being played in their neighbor country, Brazil, and Argentina looks good to at least get to the Semi-Finals.  Argentina has won the Cup twice but the last time was in 1986.

Leo Messi, Forward, Captain
At 26, Messi is already one of the most prolific international football stars of all time.  While some might debate whether he is be best overall player in the World, few would debate that he is the absolute best ballhandler.  Few have the body control that Messi possesses and his ability to see a wide range on the field creates amazing pinpoint passing and goal scoring.  He has won a Gold Medal for Argentina in 2008, but he has yet to get a World Cup trophy in two attempts.  He has not been a very active IG user but hopefully that will change on the international stage.
49 photos  3.4 million followers 

Team Argentina on plane to Brazil from @marcosrojo

Sergio Aguero, Forward
At only 21, Sergio Aguero is a young left wing forward.  Aguero was on the 2008 Gold Medal winning Olympic team and also earned a Barclay's Premier League Championship with his Manchester City team last year.  He knows how to win and will be one of the key players if Argentina is able to get to the title game.  Aguero is also the son-in-law to one of the greatest Argentina football players, Diego Maradona.
147 photos  430,000 followers


Marcos, Rojo, Defender
This will be Marcos Rojo's first World Cup experience.  He has become a solid piece of the Argentine defensive unit during 2014.  Rojo plays for Sporting Lisbon when he is not playing for the Argentina National Team.
400 photos  23,000 followers

Follow national team @dfb_team

(Odds to win World Cup 6:1)
Germany has been a very strong and consistent competitor on the international stage over the last twenty years.  Last year, two German teams made it to the Championship of the European EUFA Champions League.  Germany has won 3 World Cup titles but the last one was in 1990.  In each of the last two World Cup's in 2006 and 2010, Germany took 3rd.  They hope to improve on that finish to get to the Championship game with all of they talent they have on the 2014 team.

Thomas Muller, Midfielder/Forward
Thomas Muller is a very dangerous scoring Midfielder.  He was the overall top scorer in the 2010 World Cup with 5 goals helping Germany to its 3rd place finish.  He also was on the Bayern Munich team that won the EUFA Champions League in 2013.  He does not share many photos on Instagram, but we are hoping that the World Cup is the type of event that will change that.
33 photos  40,000 followers
Team Germany enjoying some boating from @official_m11

Mesut Ozil, Midfielder/Forward
This will be Mesut Ozil's second World Cup after helping Germany to a 3rd place finish in 2010.  His play in the 2010 World Cup got him picked up by Real Madrid where he played for 3 season before moving to Arsenal FC this past year.  Ozil was born in Germany but is of Turkish descent.  He is an exciting, fast player who can light up the defense at any moment.  Ozil is also a huge Instagram user having shared over 1,000 photos.  He is a great follow for football fans.
1,000 photos  38,000 followers

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Midfielder
Another talented Midfielder that plays both for Germany and FC Bayern Munich, Schweinsteiger knows what it takes to win.  He has been part of both of the last two 3rd place finishing German teams and will be a key piece of the puzzle if Germany is able to advance on to the Championship game.
83 photos  30,000 followers

Follow national team @sefutbol

(Odds to Win World Cup 13:2)
Spain has only won one World Cup title but it came in 2010 making them the defending champions.  Spain is still loaded with talent including many of the players from that 2010 team.  They should be in the mix to battle for one of the 4 semi-final spots.  They are an experienced team but with several key players over 30 years old, one has to wonder if they will be able to keep up with the World Cup pace.

Xavi Hernandez, Midfielder
Considered one of the best passers in the World, Xavi was a big part of the team that won in 2010.  What's more as a member of FC Barcelona he has won three EUFA Championships.  Clearly, he knows what it takes to win.  He will be competing in his 4th FIFA World Cup.
30 photos  194,000 followers

Some of Team Spain in Brazil from @andresiniesta8

Andres Iniesta, Forward
Another FC Barcelona player who was also a member of the 2010 World Cup Championship team, Iniesta actually scored the winning goal to cap that Championship run.  At 30, he is another of the experienced but a bit older players on this Spanish team.  He is also a winnner, having scored many of the same trophies as Xavi with FC Barcelona.
55 posts  787,000 followers


Cesc Fabregas, Forward
One of the youngers starters on the Spanish team at 27, Fabregas was also a key member of the 2010 Championship team.  Cesc made the pass that setup Iniesta's game winning goal in the Championship game.  In club play, Fabregas has played for both Arsenal FC and more recently FC Barcelona.  This will be his 3rd World Cup event.  He is also one of the more prolific IG users on the team sharing over 400 photos.
400 photos  1.45 million followers

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) - Portugal 25:1 odds to win
Mario Batelli (@mb459) - Italy 25:1
Vincent Kompany (@vincentkompany) - Belgium 25:1
Robin Van Persie (@robinvanpersie) - Netherlands 25:1
Karim Benzema (@karimbenzema) - France 25:1
Wayne Rooney (@waynerooney) - England 25:1

Team Portugal is in the house from @cristiano

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