Friday, July 26, 2013

40 Intriguing Instagram Celebrities to Follow

Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj from @aliciakeys feed
Instagram provides a very different glimpse into a celebrity's life.  It is almost as if they become their own paparazzi and provide us a behind the scenes look at their lives.  From musicians to movie stars to pro athletes to reality stars, you can find fascinating celebrities on Instagram. Unlike Facebook Pages or their own publicity-based celebrity websites, Instagram is for sharing personal photos. These celebs share photos taken by them and their friends and family. It is a fun way to increase your insight into your favorite celebrities lives. 

One of the great things about IG is that the photos are taken by the users.  They are not stock photos, or movie stills, they are shots of Taylor Swift with her cat, or Justin Bieber and his mom.  You are getting real pictures from their real life, not the make believe publicity life.   It is also not a spammy site where people try to market other websites. Instead it is purely a photo sharing site, usually by the person that snapped the photo.

But you have to know who to follow on Instagram and their IG handle.  So here is a little roadmap for you to follow some of the biggest celebrities using Instagram.  We are highlighting 40 active Instagram celebs that bring a unique and compelling flair to their photo sharing. We have included users from four distinct categories; Pop Stars, Actors and Actresses, Sports Figures and some Edgy IG Celebrities.

While IG is only accessible as a mobile app, there are several web based viewers for IG photos. Three of the most popular viewers are Webstagram, Statigram and Ink361. This can make it a bit easier to navigate and monitor people you are following, make comments, etc.  I have provided a link to one of these sites for each celebrity so you can easily follow them on Instagram.

You will notice a lot more young celebs in the list because young people have taken to IG than their older counterparts.  Hopefully over time more of the older celebrities will also start sharing photos on IG.

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Pop Star Celebrities on Instagram
Musicians and pop stars have taken to IG faster than most other celebrities.  In fact, rappers are one of the most active group of IG users.  We have highlighted some of the most followed and interesting Pop Music celebs using IG.

Bieber and crew on the road from @justinbieber feed
Justin Bieber is one of the most followed celebrities using Instagram.  He has bounced between #1 and #2 with Kim Kardashian.  He shares lots of pictures and leads a very fun and interesting life as one of the biggest sex symbols in the US.
750 photos 8.7 million followers

Taylor Swift may be the most popular country star of all time.  Yes, I know she is actually a crossover act that largely sings pop now, but her roots were in country.  She is beloved both among young girls as well as older generations because of her honest, wholesome image and her ability to write great songs.
120 photos 5.3 million followers

Rihanna is another one of the most followed musical artists on Instagram. She is a very active photo sharer, but she does not appear to have a filter.  She will post photos about any aspect of her life and some of them can get quite racy.  Be warned if you don't want to see it all!
1,300 photos 7.6 million followers

Alicia Keys has a growing following on IG and she gives us an interesting perspective on the city that never sleeps, NYC.  She is fairly active poster and provides us a glimpse into her taste for fashion, music and more.
420 photos 1.8 million followers

Carly Rae Jepsen is one of the new pop stars emerging from reality TV.  She was a runner-up in the Canadian X Factor and her #1 hit from 2012, Call me Maybe created some of the most viral youtube videos of all time.  She knows social media and you will find her actively using IG.
Interesting shot from @jason_mraz feed.
850 photos 1.1 million followers

Jason Mraz is no stranger to technology and uses IG to touch base with his growing fan base.  His unique style of New Orleans jazzy folk rock is representative of his quirky personality and you will find his eye for photography is just as unique.
540 photos 870,000 followers

MC Hammer is a blast from the past, but he has jumped into Instagram with both feed and shares many photos each day to his Instagram followers. He provides some interesting perspective from a different era of Hip Hop.
1070 photos 130,000 followers

Kris Allen is the American Idol winner from Season 8.  Surprisingly, he has not built as big a following as some of the other American Idol participants but he is a very active photo sharer.
470 photos 37,000 followers

Jay Z is one of the most talented recording artist of the 2000s.  Starting as a rapper, he has since branched into producing, promoting and then became an entrepreneur and eventually a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets.  Couple these multiple interests and a wife named Beyonce and Jay Z lives an interesting life.  Follow him on IG to get a backstage pass.
75 photos 370,000 followers

Mike Shinoda is the rapper of the rock band, Linkin Park and also the organizer of the rap group Fort Minor. Mike tours the world with his bands and his photos give us a glimpse into the rock star life.
220 photos 87,000 followers

Chris Rene was the runner up in the first season of American X Factor. His is a great story as he was once a drug addict, got sober and then tried out for X Factor. From there it has been a meteoric rise finishing 2nd on the show and releasing hip hop hits.
550 photos 30,000 followers

Actors and Actresses on Instagram
You will find lots of film and TV stars on Instagram if you know where to look.  We have highlighted some of the most followed and interesting actors and actresses from all media outlets.

Jessica with Steven Tyler and Celo Green from @jessicaalba
Jessica Alba is one of the most followed actresses on IG because she is also a successful entrepreneur and founder of The Honest Company. The Honest Company creates non-toxic and eco-friendly products for families from diapers to sunscreens to cleaning products and more. This combination of entrepreneur and actress has really created a following for Jessica.
880 photos 1,800,000 followers

Zooey Deschanel is one of the funniest and quirkiest comedians in Hollywood.  Before getting her hit TV show, New Girl, Zooey starred in many movies including Elf, Almost Famous and 500 Days of Summer. Zooey has also been seen on Apple commercials and recorded a music album with M. Ward under the band name, She & Him.
160 photos 1.9 million followers

Emma Roberts has grown up on movie sets starring in a number of kids and teen movies. She is the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts.  She has a fun loving personality and likes to share beautiful photos of fashion, food and art along with her normal daily photos.
530 photos 700,000 followers

Kim Kardashian is not an actress in the strictest sense, but she has become one of the biggest Reality TV celebrities after the success of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And she is also one of the most followed people on IG.  She has bounced between First and Second most followed with Justin Bieber.
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1260 photos 8.5 million followers

Lucy Hale is star of TV's Pretty Little Liars, a popular teen drama about a group of friends trying to solve a mysterious murder. Hale plays Aria on PLL and also dates Chris Zylka, of the Amazing Spider-man film.
790 photos 1.7 million followers

Victoria Justice is a teen star in Disney's Victorious sitcom.  She is also one of the multi-talented Disney stars who is also producing pop music albums.  She is tapped into social media and has over 1.4 million Instagram followers.
520 photos 1.4 million followers

Ashley Tisdale is another of Disney's biggest stars.  Tisdale started on sitcoms with Disney, then was a key member of the cast of the High School Musical trilogy. She is also singer who has produced a couple of albums. She dates author Scott Speer.
300 photos 1.27 million followers

Ashley Benson is another of the Pretty Little Liar stars where she plays Hannah.  The show is a huge hit among teen girls and they all have huge followings on IG and Tumblr as a result.
850 photos 1.76 million followers

Cute shot from @cmoretz IG fee
Chord Overstreet is the the handsome, Sam Evans, on Glee. Chord has embraced Instagram and posts backstage photos from Glee and also with his brother who is the lead guitarist from Hot Chelle Rae.
230 photos 320,000 followers

Chloe Grace Moretz was the star of one of my favorite comicbook movies, Kickass.  She was the hero, and overall badass teen, Hitgirl.  But Chloe also has an artistic flair that definitely comes through in the photos she shares on IG.  If you did not see Kickass, you might also have seen her in Hugo, 500 Days of Summer, Let Me In or Dark Shadows.
1,300 photos 480,000 followers

Sports Stars on Instagram
Unfortunately the sports world has not yet embraced Instagram as much as the Music and Acting industries. For instance, Kobe Bryant does not even have an IG account.  However, certain the stars of certain sports have picked up on IG more than others.  For instance, NBA players have become very active on IG.  The NBA Dream Team started off the NBA Instagram craze last summer during the Olympics but many more NBA stars have picked up on it since then.

Lebron James has quickly become one of the most followed celebs in the US and probably the most followed sports stars.  He has been active sharing photos with fans which feeds the fire adding more followers.
From @bethanyhamilton IG feed
300 photos 2.5 million followers

 Bethany Hamilton is the Soul Surfer, the famous pro surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack in her teens.  She has become a charity leader around the World on the strength of the book, movie and other public appearances.  She is great to follow as she travels the World helping others.

1000 photos 360,000 followers.

Mike Tyson has become cool again since the release of the first Hangover movies.  He likes IG and shares some cool photos as he travels the world.  He posts lots of photos with other celebs he meets up with in his travels.
190 photos 540,000 followers

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is one of the most controversial players from the NFL.  A former player now, he was exciting and always had some interesting TD celebrations in store for fans.
680 photos 800,000 followers

Floyd Mayweather is a pro boxer whose large following on IG stems from his exciting life traveling the world.  He shares photos with a wide range of photos with celebs from Rappers to politicians. 
470 photos 1.2 million followers

Amazing shot of Tony by @dupedupe from @tonyhawk
Tony Hawk is a pro skateboarder and entrepreneur who is well known by kids around the World.  He shares a lot of photos of himself and other skateboarders performing amazing tricks on boards.
1,900 photos 800,000 followers

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who competes around the world.  She was fun to follow during the London Olympics and posts frequently.
630 photos 78,000 followers

Mick Fanning is one of the leading surfers in the country and he loves sharing photos from the around the World. Like skateboarders, surfers lead an interesting counter-culture life.
630 photos 75,000 followers

McKayla Maroney is the adorable gymnast from Team USA's Fab Five who became a viral sensation with the "not impressed" face after winning the Silver Medal on the Vault.
Decorate with Sports Fatheads
1000 photos 570,000 followers

Adrian Clayborn is a 4th year DE with Tampa Bay and one of the most active NFL players on Instagram. 
700 photos 6,700 follower

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet and has now won gold in the Men's 100 meter in two straight Olympic Games.
240 photos 500,000 followers

Edgy Instagram Celebrities
These IG users are very interesting to follow but they are not always for the faint of heart.  Rappers are some of the most active Instagram users but their feeds are definitely not G rated.  They often provide photos of drinking and drugs and other illicit behavior so proceed with that warning in mind.

Snoop Dogg is one of the most followed music stars on IG and posts 5 to 10 photos a day. Of course Snoop Dogg lives a very different life from all of us and it is quite interesting to watch what is going on in his life each day
2,500 photos 1.8 million followers

Whiz Khalifa is a true rap fan's rapper but his feed requires some parental guidance. There is no filter on his feed, you will see lots of herb and other eye-opening shots. But if you wondered what a rapper's life was like, you will get a good glimpse here.
770 photos 2.0 million followers
Life of a young rapper from @meekmill feed

Meek Mill may not be well known by pop music fans, but rap fans definitely know of him.  There are not many IG users that have shared as many photos as Meekmill.  
4,300 photos 1.5 million followers

Soulja Boy is another popular rapper and a prolific IG user. He has been known to Instagram and Tweet right from the stage during shows.
1,600 photos 910,000 followers

Mac Miller is a young rapper from Pittsburgh.  He has become very big in the college scene and like other young music stars loves to share behind the scenes shots of the rap life.
390 photos 620,000 followers

Chris Haslam is a Canadian skateboarder who also plays bass guitar in a metal band. He is a rocker and a skater and his photo gallery reflects these edgy themes.
1260 photos 30,000 followers


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